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Miss Joan Tarle

Miss Tarle has been teaching for 19 years. 

She has worked in John Muir Elementary and currently at Strobridge School.

This year our Kindergarten now is from 8:10am to 1pm, except on Wednesday, we end at 12:30pm.

You can contact her by sending her a message in the "contact us" link. 

La maestra Tarle ha enseñado por 19 años. Trabajo en la escuela John Muir y ahora esta en Strobridge.

Este año el grado de Kinder es de las 8:10am hasta la 1pm, con excepción del Miércoles, salimos a las 12:30pm.

Puede comunicarse con ella por medio de la pagina de "contactenos".

Welcome to Room 1

Sheltered English Immersion

In our class, we learn the letters, uppercase, and lowercase, the letter sounds, and the 32 high frequency words. In mathematics they have to learn to count, write, and recognize the numbers from 0 to 20, count 0-100. They also have to learn to do additions, subtractions, geometric shapes, the days of the week.

If your student does not show progress towards meeting the standards at the end of each trimester, which is the end of the report card, you will receive notice that there is a possibility that your student could repeat the school year.

We incorporate art, technology, and academic centers throughout the day to make learning more engaging and fun.

Remember to be patient when you study with your student. Sit down and do homework in 15 to 20 minutes increments. Do it twice if at all possible. Check out the How to Study at Home page for suggestions and have fun when you study!